"Writing itself becomes the subject of the writing course..."

 — Michael Carter       

Other Work

Exciting news! My novel, Apocalypse TV, has been picked up by eLectio Publishers, and will be published this fall. It will be available for purchase on the eLectio webpage on September 12, and then available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in early October. Stay tuned for further developments.

The short works listed below represent a selected list. Follow the links to published work.

“Story Problems and the Search for Cosines.” Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. (April 2017). http://www.foliateoak.com/

“Subtle Man Loses His Day Job: An Origin Story.” A Short Story. http://oddvillepress.com/The_Oddville_Press_Issue_3_Vol_II.pdf

“Foreigners.” A short story. http://www.navigatingtheheavens.org/Thomas-Allbaugh.html

“Side Step is Mainstream.” A short story. http://www.thebluemoon.com/4/fall98ficallbaugh.html

“On Those Always With Us.” Essay.  http://www.rca.org/page.aspx?pid=3595

“A Grief Accompanied.” Prism May/June 2012: 8.

“When the Heart Plays Dead.” Studio, 122 (2011): 25-31.

“A Case For Stephen King’s Memoir for Writing Instruction.” Writing on the Edge, 21.1 (Fall 2010): 84-92.

“Transistor Radio: A Story of Love and Technology.” Relief: A Christian Literary Expression, 4.1: 59-65.

“When a Good Meaning is Hard to Find: Reading Flannery O’Connor’s Good Man as a Quest for the Good.” Doing Good, Departing from Evil: Research Findings in the 21st Century. Ed. Carole J. Lambert. New York: Peter Lang, 2009: 11-32.

“Active Learning: Some Questions for Literary Studies.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches in Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture, 4.3 (Fall 2004): 469-474.

“The Lives of the Composers.” The Whistling Fire. (February 2014) http://whistlingfire.com/2014/02/13/the-lives-of-the-composers/

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