"Writing itself becomes the subject of the writing course..."

 — Michael Carter       

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Blasts from the past worth our consideration:

“Those of us who dismiss the teaching of formal grammar have a model of composition instruction that makes the grammar issue ‘uninteresting’ in a scientific sense. Our model predicts a rich and complex interaction of learner and environment in mastering literacy, an interaction that has little to do with sequences of skills instruction as such. Those who defend the teaching of grammar tend to have a model of composition instruction that is rigidly skills-centered and rigidly sequential: the formal teaching of grammar, as the first step in that sequence, is the cornerstone or linchpin. Grammar teaching is thus supremely interesting, naturally a dominant focus for educational research. The controversy over the value of grammar instruction, then, is inseparable from two other issues: the issues of sequence in the teaching of composition and of the role of the composition teacher” (208).
-Patrick Hartwell, “Grammar, Grammars, and the Teaching of Grammar”

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