"Writing itself becomes the subject of the writing course..."

 — Michael Carter       

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Thomas Allbaugh teaches composition, rhetoric, and creative nonfiction at Azusa Pacific University. He has published short fiction, essays, and poems in a variety of publications, both online and in print, including Pedagogy, Writing on the Edge, Mars Hill Review, In Touch Magazine, and Relief. He has a story forthcoming in 67Press Anthology 2017. His novel, Apocalypse TV, will be published this fall by eLectio Publishers. He was first put on the path of writing when reading Mark Twain in the fourth grade, and by his father, who after reading one of his fourth grade stories said, “This is good. Now revise it.”

What Others are Saying about Pretexts for Writing…

“This writing textbook includes excellent instruction for college students. Its approach is fresh, the sample essays are well-chosen, and the writing is lively. Although I teach writing, I also found it helpful and inspiring in my own work as a writer. I think students and other writers will respond well to the direct, approachable style.” -Joseph Bentz, professor and author of eight books, including A Son Comes Home and Pieces of Heaven. (From Amazon.com)

“…My students’ favorite section of the book relates to scholarly research and ‘entering the conversation’ that is ongoing. It helps them begin to understand that researched arguments have a context, and a writer’s voice is one among many.” Karen Strovas, professor. (From Amazon.com)

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