"Writing itself becomes the subject of the writing course..."

 — Michael Carter       

Apocalypse TV, a novel — Now Available

Literary culture and popular culture clash in Thomas Allbaugh’s first novel with reality TV show results. Apocalypse TV concerns Walter Terry, an English professor, who hopes to resurrect his reputation and career by going on a religious reality TV show. What he does instead is closer to what happens to anyone in today’s secular media. As a send up of both academic and popular culture, the novel, according to some Amazon reviewers, balances dry humor and mystery. (Available at eLectio Publishers, Amazon.com, and Barnes&Noble.com.)


Also of note — Pretexts for Writing, a textbook for first-year writers, is available as paperback and ebook on the Kendall/Hunt website. First-year college writers sometimes fail to see the importance of writing and language use to their future professional goals. They may have learned through their high school courses to trivialize the content of a writing class. Pretexts for Writing begins here, where first-year students often begin, including the assumption that when they begin taking a college writing course, first-year writers have already received writing instruction for a long time. While some of this instruction has been excellent, some of it has been reductive, shrinking the writing task to mere reporting through a few basic essay structures and ignoring the processes of invention and revision. Pretexts for Writing begins with these assumptions and engages students where many of them find themselves at the beginning of college. From chapters on process and organization to chapters on conducting research and developing an effective style, Pretexts for Writing offers dialogue, engagement, and new insights.

About Pretexts for Writing

Pretexts for Writing demonstrates what happens before we begin to write and what the teacher and student bring to the task through past teachings and experience. An unorthodox approach to writing, Pretexts for Writing addresses some of the preconceptions held by teachers and students formed from previous lessons.

Latest News

In July of 2013, a second edition of Pretexts for Writing was released by Kendall/Hunt Publishers.  The new edition includes an expanded chapter on argument.  The new edition can be ordered directly from Kendall/Hunt or by going to Amazon.com
Thomas Allbaugh

About Tom

THOMAS ALLBAUGH is Associate Professor of English at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, where he coordinates faculty for the First Year Writing program and teaches courses in Composition Theory, Rhetoric, and Creative Nonfiction. His research interests most recently have concerned disruptions between high school and college writing and exploring intersections between Composition and Creative Writing pedagogies. His essays, reviews, and short stories have appeared in publications that include Pedagogy, Writing on the Edge, Blue Moon Review, Relief, and Mars Hill Review. Pretexts for Writing, a textbook for First Year college writing, works to present a classroom praxis informed by Composition research.

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